Laser Cutter 1500 watt

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Laser cutter 1500 watt

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Laser cutter 1500 watt picture:

Laser cutter 1500 watt.png

Brief description of Laser cutter 1500 watt as follow:

Model: TSD-LC1500-1218, 1325

Germany laser technology, PA Control System

Effective cutting sizes: 1200 x 1800mm, 1300 x 2500mm

Cutting speed: Around 100 meters / hour, 18mm plywood

Driving System: Panasonic servo motor system

Power supply:  Single phase, 220V, 50HZ, 10A

Processing materials: Up to 30 mm plywood and acrylic;

Optimal processing 2 mm Stainless steel, 3 mm Carbon steel.

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