Steel Rule Bending Machine 830A

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Steel rule bending machine TSD-830A

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Steel rule bending machine TSD-830A picture as follow:

bending.pngMuti Bridging.png

lipping cut.pngstraight cut.png

Technical Parameters of steel rule bending machine TSD-830A:



Blade   thickness(mm)

0.71 - 1.05

Blade   height(mm)

8 - 30

Max.   bending angle


Min. ARC   radius of 90 degree


Front Min.   bending size


Back Min.   cutting size


Feeding   precision


Bending   flatness



Automatic Bending,   Straight cut, Muti-bridging, Lipping-cut.

Bridge   width

Over 5.5 mm any   sizes available.

Bridge   height

15mm & 18mm

Cutting   methods

Swing   cutting or Auto flat cutting

Optimal   pattern format

Dxf format (Auto CAD)

Air supply


Power   supply

Three-phase   power 380V 50/60HZ (Standard)

Machine   total power


Gross   weight.


Overall   dimension


Recommend   spare parts

One set bridge tools, One set cutting tools

H.S.  Code


Functions and usage:

1. Automatic Bending, Straight cut, Muti-bridging, Lipping-cut.; CE Certification, ensure good quality.

2. Panasonic servo motor and Taiwan Hiwin guide rail and Ball screw system, eradicate skidding and dislocated


3. Unique imported mold tool design, easy to bend, high precision of size, durable.

4. Clamp tool continuous feeding with servo digital work mode, high accuracy and speed.

5. In order to guarantee precision and long-life span, transmission and control parts are imported.

6. Rely on the DXF, AutoCAD figures, can finish all kinds of complicated patterns.


7. Self- developed updated automatic bending control system with powerful function and easy to operate.

8. Full English & Chinese interface, easy to learn and operate. It take bend first and cut last, save the time and material for the user.


9. Completely to realize fully automation, save produce dies time and make wooden die making to get easy.

10. Apply to various kinds of mold processing, such as Paper boxes, Dolls, Cake Molds, Cartons, Flowers and Edition..etc.

Wooden die plate samples: